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2020 Event News

The Game Changer: Tokenisation linked to the blockchain

By 10 November 2020No Comments

It really is something that we think will be the next billion dollar trend in the gaming Industry.

Tony Pearce at Reality Gaming Group gives the clearest explanation of how tokenisation linked to the blockchain gives the user genuine value for money when spending real money on games (digital goods).

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Think “in game / digital collectibles”, where blockchain tech underwrites ownership and therefore creating genuine digital value.

This partnership has created a mobile game / card / collectables concept that’s set to take things to the next level – by truly mobilising a huge brand along.

When you create genuine value for money the brands will come. They don’t come much bigger BBC Studios commercialising their collateral into VAS / mobile games – which, is of course where the eyeballs are.

The cards are beautiful original pieces and super cool and backed by the blockchain.

What’s more there an open invitation to operators and payment gateways to offer carrier billing & other mobile payments as part of the current suite of options at check out.

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