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Leading cybersecurity specialist for #mobilepayments EVINA are the latest cutting edge tech company to join next month’s World Telemedia – as a major GOLD sponsor!

Meet Evina’s team of cybersecurity experts and find out how their cutting-edge technologies are helping to fight fraud on everything from direct carrier billing to mobile money. The right anti-fraud policy is crucial to securing business and sustaining growth and is now a cornerstone of our event.

With an HQ in Paris – EVINA monitor 16M+ transactions and detect 99.94% of all fraud across Europe, the Middle East and 15 African markets. This approach is crucial to reducing complaints (down 75%) and boosting revenues (approx. 5 times higher)

Set up a meeting in advance through our hybrid event platform and then meet CEO & Founder of Evina David Lotfi, Cédric Hubert, Nicolas Bertrand, Faezah Idrus, and Lilit Melikyan – face to face in Marbella at Booth 7 in the main expo hall and networking lounge.

Register for this year’s show at; and view the latest Attendee list here;