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Reports and White Papers

2020 VAS/DCB Market Round-up from Empello


The VAS/DCB industry is a highly competitive market, where merchants innovate constantly to attract new customers. However, the different players’ actions are not always transparent. This fast pace of change and lack of transparency mean the market is difficult to monitor. Advertisers regularly change how they are targeting customers. They move their traffic between Google Ads, social media, and apps – which leaves room for fraudulent traffic aiming to trick or bribe users into subscribing to VAS.

VAS/DCB is also the latest industry to be hit by a wave of payment fraud – apps containing malware are triggering auto-subscriptions.   Fraudsters change tactics constantly, leading to an ever growing number of users becoming subscribed to VAS without their consent.  It is paramount that mobile network operators have access to VAS specific market insights. With reliable data, mobile networks can effectively mitigate risks to the consumer and to their brand.  Empello, as the longest standing anti-fraud company in the industry, brings transparency to the VAS/DCB market.

This white paper aims to outline the key challenges mobile operators face when managing VAS/DCB on their networks.

It includes:
1) VAS/DCB market in 2020
2) VAS/DCB compliance in 2020
3) In 2020 malware apps defeated OTP protection measures

By the end of this report, you will understand the key risks faced by VAS/DCB consumers in 2020.  With this detailed overview of different trends and risk factors, you will be able to make informed decisions about how to protect payments and monitor VAS/DCB on your networks