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2020 Event News

3Anet announces the launch of “The Console” in MENA region


3Anet announced on 4th of June, the soft launch of “The Console” to be available for the telcos and service providers in Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Iraq, Bahrain, Jordan, Palestine, and Sudan.

3Anet with alliance of VasHouse invested in developing “The Console”, which is a platform with one single access that gathers all VAS delivery prerequisites in one single node says the Telemedia8.1 exhibitor.

Looking back at the history of the delivery process of VAS services, it can be seen that it demanded a complicated infrastructure including multiple servers, database, integrations and nodes to manage the same services with each telco operators in the different territories.

Nowadays the users of “The Console” can enjoy easier user lifecycle with reduced time to market

The Console” can secure for the VAS providers a strategical transformation from a conventional telecom provider to a comprehensive information service provider.

3Anet is a leading information technology solutions company in Saudi Arabia and GCC & MENA regions, established in 1999, offering mobile and digital services including VAS, mobile apps, content management platforms, payment aggregation, and digital marketing services as well as network and security systems.

Contact the 3Anet team on Telemedia8.1