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2020 Event News

8.1 Celebrates its 6 Month Anniversary 26-30 April

By 22 April 2021April 25th, 2021No Comments

To celebrate 6 months of bringing together the leading lights in; media, mobile, marketing, messaging, advertising, content, apps, VAS and traffic – we’ve got a weeklong series of innovative launches to further enhance your 8.1 experience!


For the entire week, all our free subscribers will also be included in the Exhibition Hall networking tool – where a search is matched against the specialist Service or Market a user has ticked in their profile. This week, to further improve your chance of generating a new sales lead, we’re giving away 2 additional tick boxes to all our current 8.1 subscribers.

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Click “Edit My Information”
  3. Tick 1 x extra “Service Expertise”
  4. Tick 1 x extra “Specialist Market
  5. Click “Update Profile”


There is no greater endorsement (for 8.1) than from YOU! So, help us get the 8.1 brand as far and as wide as we possibly can across LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter – it’ll only takes a minute, and you could win thousands of euros worth of free marketing!

  1. Choose a banner from this file
  2. Upload to a LinkedIn, Facebook and/or Twitter post
  3. Write something interesting about your business.
  4. Add a few words about 8.1 (see suggestions below)
  5. Remember to @Jarvis Todd, @Geraldine O’Sullivan, @Annika Micheli
  6. Share – and we’ll LIKE, re share and say something really nice about you too!

Email a screen shot of your views to to qualify for free account upgrades, Telemedia News banners and the top prize of 3 months Premium 8.1 Sponsorship.


Whilst we remain committed to building the biggest on-demand conference on the net, we have now created our very own live studio to host weekly live events; webinars, round tables, vodcast and the brand new CLUBHOUSE8.1 round tables.

  • Telemedia News In 10 Episode 19 – 27 April 13:00
    Join Jarvis Todd and Paul Skeldon with special guest James Macfarlane live, as they race through the weeks big news stories including one of the biggest DCB deals in history between PM Connect and the NBA!
  • Get a reminder 30 mins before
  • 13:00 Join Session


These brand new sessions bring together 8 leading lights for an informal round table discussion centred around a particular combination of Service Expertise and Specialist Market. Audience members can listen in, ask questions and might even be invited to the table!

Clubhouse 8.1 can of course also be used to create industry socials, so please feel free to suggest likeminded groups or themes that can be incorporated into this 8.1 subscriber service

  • Suggest a topic or theme
  • Create a discussion group
  • Book a social


How do you replicate the magic of speed networking on the internet?  Well you can’t really. So, @ 8.1 we’ve come up with our own version which remains true to the ethos that you can “drop in whenever you want”.

Zoom Networking will be offered in two formats, one where the user can click on the profile picture of the people / companies of interest and another where they can simply play a 20 minute carousel of video profiles.

See you @ 8.1 this Spring!

Thanks in advance for your support,


A couple of ideas for content you may want to include in your post:

@8.1 YOU CAN:
• Search & view 1,100+ user profiles and email direct
• Filter by business type, market & services
• Access 60+ on-demand sessions
• Filter all sessions by key words & topics
• Research 80+ exhibitors PPTs & video presentations
• Subscribe or exhibit to generate business leads
• Post requirements and connect in the Chatroom
• Read the latest news, report & white papers in the Newsroom

8.1 Is 24/7/365 – Works on your time, turn up whenever you like!
8.1 Is 24/7/365 – So you never have to miss a thing!
8.1 Is 24/7/365 – So it just keeps on growing!
8.1 Is 24/7/365 – Is never closed for business!
8.1 Is 24/7/365 – Access a virtual delegate list of top mCommerce professionals.
8.1 Is 24/7/365 – Reimaging online events.
8.1 Is 24/7/365 – The way a virtual event should be run

Hate Online Events? You’re going to love it @ 8.1
No MWC – no problem we can still meet @ 8.1
16 Country Updates – take a world tour @ 8.1
60+ On Demand Sessions – the biggest conference on the net @ 8.1
Socially distanced, Covid safe business @ 8.1
No Mask Required – You can still get face to face @ 8.1