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10:30 – 10:40 Global market trends in the VAS and DCB space

Market intel is the key to getting ahead in the VAS and DCB space. Visibility over competitor marketing, as well as global market trends, can drive better decision-making and help you optimise your brand campaigns to increase conversions. MCP demonstrates how to access this valuable intel with a deep dive into insights from the South Africa and KSA markets.

Presenter: Declan Pettit, CCO, MCP Insight


10:50 – 11:00  Making Immersive Content Accessible to Mobile Users

One of the challenges that drives Sam Media is bringing VR and AR content to mobile users, without the need for an expensive headset.

Presenter: Leon Dijksman, COO, Sam Media


11:10 – 11:20 Maximising revenues from your e-com check-out

A run through how you get the best payout from cards and wallets in your check-out. How you improve and optimize the payments journey to ensure the best returns and some new tools that may help your business

Payment Gateways, Card Processing, Wallet Processing

Presenter: Gary Corbett, CEO, Dynamic Mobile Billing


11:50  – 12:00 Dbuz the digital business card

Digital Business card “dbuz” is the first step to transform into digital business. dbuz aims to re-define Networking by digitising the business contacts and managing the business leads in a more cost efficient, effective and environmental way.
dbuz card, using the NFC Technology, allows you to share the right contact details with the right counter party through one tap without downloading any app or using any paper card. It also allows you to consolidate your multiple business profiles in one card and keep them up to date.
dbuz app provides you with additional features including Customer Relationship Management, Dashboard, and keep your contacts up to date.
Purchase your last business card today from dbuz!

Presenter: Andre Barakat, CEO, ProSmartS


15:00 – 15:15  Open Banking, the future of payments has arrived.

Why overpay with DCB charges of ~50% of sales revenue, along with a 45-day wait for the release of funds? Dawn Beeby, an OB expert with over 20 years of payments experience, will reveal how to eliminate chargebacks and fraud risk, reduce payment costs, reduce checkout abandonment and increase profits

  • Eliminate chargebacks and fraud risk
  • Reduce your payment costs
  • Reduce checkout abandonment
  • Increase your profits

Presenter: Dawn Beeby,Nuapay (EML Open Banking Business)


15:20 – 15:35  SportLocker Presentation

We are SportLocker – a 24 hour on-demand service showcasing highlights, news, statistics, and live scores. This conference will run through the success of our B2C offering, and indeed look into our B2B business – SportLocker Media, which provides white-label platforms & widgets for businesses to maximise their revenue streams.

  • The Problem
  • The Solution
  • SportLocker offering
  • Market opportunities
  • Traction to date
  • SportLocker Media

Presenter: Jean-Pierre du ToitSportLocker


15:40 – 15:55  Move-to-Earn: a purpose-driven value accelerator!

Whilst cases of diabetes, hypertension and obesity are rising worldwide post-pandemic. We, as telecom professionals, have a duty to engage with the largest database in the world to lead a healthy lifestyle. Move-to-Earn, the positive engagement and value accelerating movement is at its genesis, the time is now!

  • Mote to Earn: positive engagement generator
  • VAS, Loyalty, Bundle, eMoney
  • Blockchain, Web3 innovation, Crypto currency
  • Purpose-driven solution responding to United Nations” “Sustainable Development Goals”
  • Award wining mobile Mobile Apps
  • Embedded insurance

Presenter: Alexandre Rigaud & Benjamin Vanhems, STEP (Vida Digital Mobile Ltd)


16:00 – 16:30  Key Takeaways from Empello’s 2022 Annual Report

In this session, we’ll give you a snapshot of the Empello Annual Report for 2022, covering some growth opportunities; profiles on specific countries; world events that drove fraud; fraud in the Playstore; the true cost of DCB fraud to all the players in the industry and much more!

  • Growth opportunities with DCB in Sub-Saharan Africa in 2023
  • Overview of App Fraud in the Google Play Store
  • How World events trigger misleading advertising in the MENAT region
  • Brand passing off – how fraudsters use and abuse mobile operators brands in fake advertising
  • The cost of fraud in DCB: 5 things to take into account!
  • How Trojan subscriber apps drive fraud

Presenter: Omar Oualili, Empello