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A win/win idea from Seriously Fresh to help friends in Ukraine

By 30 March 2022March 31st, 2022No Comments

Over the past weeks, Seriously Fresh Media has been looking for a way to help friends and colleagues in Ukraine – find out how you can do business AND help …

“Having worked with three production studios in Ukraine for nearly 10 years, they have become more than partners in that time, they are our friends.

We have spoken with them daily or weekly over the last 3 weeks, and asked them how we can help. They have all replied asking us for licensing deals. They need funds!” Says Julia Dimambro MD at Seriously Fresh Media

In response, they are proposing  a win/win deal.

If you license any of their great productions during the war, SFM will add half of their earnings from the deal and send both directly to the studio.

“This way, we both still make money, but also sending urgently needed support to our friends in Ukraine.”

CLICK HERE to download a brochure of 22 amazing titles, targeted at an international audience, including 2 topical productions about Ukraine at war.

Licenses are offered with a fixed distribution fee on a per hour of content / per year basis.

License as many episodes as you like from each series with flexible terms. But obviously the more you license, the more we help.

Please review the brochure and contact us if you can help.

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