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A2P SMS Messaging 5 year regional report


ROCCO has been conducting A2P SMS Messaging Vendor Benchmarking for 7 years and has captured the results of the past 5 years into a unique new report set to identify consistency in leadership and performance.

Vendors who have appeared in the last 5 Vendor Benchmarking reports are all present and are compared on the major KPIs set out in ROCCO’s reports. We compare their results year on year with an overall 5 year results leaderboard. So you can compare the Leaderboards from 2017-2021 and easily see the ranking according to over a 1500 ratings given by key personnel in Mobile Operators (MNOs) who work with the vendors.

In addition the report highlights who the MNOs perceive to be the Vendors with leadership across the global regions of the world.

ROCCO has consistently used the same approach and KPIs which were designed by MNOs back in 2015, therefore we are really able to compare the results and see the performance and leadership ratings over the 5 years. The report doesn’t give KPI by KPI results (that’s found in the annual reports) but shows a summary of the results based on KPIs of Performance, Performance+, Leadership and General Rating results.

Vendors who appear in this report are: Airtel Business, AMD Telecom, BICS, C3NTRO, CITIC, Clickatell, Comviva, Dimoco, GMS, Infobip, JT Global, Lanck telecom, Link Mobility, Lleida, M-Stat, Messagebird, Mitto, Mobiweb, Monty Mobile, Mr Messaging, Openmarket, Orange International Carriers, Route Mobile, SAP, Sinch, SMS Highway, Syniverse, Tata Communications, Twilio, tyntec, Vonage.

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