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aimm network encompasses all members of the interactive media value chain

By 29 June 2022July 6th, 2022No Comments

Telemedia8.1 Member aimm brings members together to explore opportunities and create growth, by encouraging collaboration and resolving common issues through working groups.

Recently aimm launched another new working group: Complementary Digital Payment Mechanics. The mission of this new Working Group is to assist members utilising (or considering whether to utilise) other payment methods. They will bring members together to discuss, problem solve and share experiences, as well as sharing use cases of other payment mechanics. Additionally, examining the opportunities to introduce phone paid services to new audiences.

This is then followed by our Regulatory Insights and Analysis Working Group which was requested by members following the regulatory changes of the PSA’s Code 15 which launched at the beginning of April. aimm worked hard with members over the last year around the Code 15 consultation and the new changes and standards that this would bring, gaining feedback, organising workshops, responding to consultations and liaising with the PSA on behalf of industry to ensure that the new code worked for all involved.

With Code 15 now up and running, their new Regulatory Working Group looks at case studies across various themes to provide learnings for  members and aid compliance. They have recently looed at the Fairness and Systems standards.

aimm is continually looking for ways to provide value to members with Working Groups and workshops that tackle current issues that are important to their business.

With life returning to normal again they will relaunch  a alendar of live events which includes knowledge sharing and networking. They are pleased to have supported the recent EE/BT event at the BT Tower which looked at Carrier Billing for the transport sector. The event brought together the big names from the transport industry to listen to speakers across the micropayments industry about the opportunities that direct carrier billing can offer their customers. It was a successful day, topped with stunning views across London from the top of the BT Tower.

If you are interested in learning more about the work aimm does by driving commercial growth and protecting the regulatory environment under which members operate please get in touch ( The aimm network encompasses all members of the interactive media value chain, from network operators to technology or application providers, to broadcasters and content publishers, to value-added services providers and regulatory authorities.

Members of aimm work collaboratively to address key industry issues and to build a trusted business environment, encouraging investment, creating new opportunities and developing business partnerships.

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