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Announcing MT2 as Premium Sponsors of 8.1LIVE 2024

By 23 January 2024March 14th, 2024No Comments

We are delighted to announce MT2 as a Premium sponsor of the 8.1LIVE Barcelona event.

Since 1998, MT2 has stood as trailblazers in the region, with their diverse offerings driving substantial growth and serving numerous Mobile Network Operators across MENA, Africa, and Europe, with ongoing plans for further expansion.

MT2 is a school with a proud history, counting most of the region’s brilliant industry players among their alumni.

Their solid commitment to innovation propels them to actively seek new business opportunities—be it venturing into untapped markets, establishing strategic partnerships with media and advertising entities, or introducing compelling content, products, and services to enrich their portfolio. Additionally MT2 has been a longstanding early supporter of Telemedia events.

Join them in shaping the future of innovation and industry excellence.

Connect with the team at 8.1LIVE.

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