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2020 Event News Launches ATstars access functionality to revolutionize the IPRN Sector


IPRN Access – An ongoing challenge finally solved
It’s always been an ongoing challenge to find secure, trusted access for international callers / services and technologies since routes are constantly changing in this highly volatile marketplace. has announced today the launch of a major update to its IPRN platform – introducing AT Stars – which now provides 24/7 real-time monitoring of every IPRN destination as an addition to its leading A-Z IPRN business resource.

“When we started the project back in August 2020, we faced a variety of technical challenges, but by far the most important was how to accurately monitor and report access – the key to IPRN profitability”, says Razvan Bileca, COO of

Presenting The AT Stars Platform

  • User centric design 
  • Highly technical functionality
  • Real-time access validation
  • Competitive weekly & monthly payouts

On ATstars, users can filter on access by their preferred origination & destination number, network or country. The payouts of the platform are strongly profitable for all IPRN users, and significantly higher for some of our top destinations.

AT Stars – A gift to the IPRN Community
ATstars will help many IPRN users to find proven real-time access and receive daily access lists via email or straight from the platform, updated every 15 minutes. Finding good access is still hard nowadays, but with ATstars it’s exponentially easier!

About is the leading IPRN services provider. The company started to push the IPRN market up by bringing new technology, enhanced features and visual updates to their platform all while constantly pushing new ranges and high payouts on a daily basis. Last year, was confirmed a trusted partner for multiple leading carriers in the industry, by using the platform as an extended tool to create new incremental revenue opportunities from their existing user-base. is a high-tech oriented product with big plans to evolve in the IPRN market in 2021 and beyond.