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Chatroom Are you looking for Google traffic mainly in GCC and Canada?

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      We are a service provider with more than 20 inhouse services with gaming, VOD, news, fashion, etc. content and our services are live in GCC and Europe. We’ve been advertising on Google Adwords for almost two years now mainly in KSA, UAE and KW (live already) with no complaints whatosover from the operators and this is a good experience that I would like to share with you.

      One year ago, we exceeded our daily CAP and started selling our traffic to 3rd party clients and we have a good protfolio now yet we keep our clients names confidential 🙂
      In summary, whether you are a SP, advertiser or you have a company/service that you would like to promote, we can definetley provide you with Google traffic and we can work on Direct Carrier Billing (DCB offer) for VAS services and Credit Card model.

      If you are interested, please feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to assist you.
      Email: <span class=”eeb eeb-rtl”><span class=”eeb-sd”>moc.a</span><span class=”eeb-nodis”>1665582867</span><span class=”eeb-sd”>nem-h</span><span class=”eeb-nodis”>1665582867</span><span class=”eeb-sd”>cetni</span><span class=”eeb-nodis”>1665582867</span><span class=”eeb-sd”>@mena</span><span class=”eeb-nodis”>1665582867</span><span class=”eeb-sd”>hgp</span><span class=”eeb-nodis”>1665582867</span></span>

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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