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Jobs Board High-Impact Manager Available: Drive Growth in DCB & VAS (MEA)

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    Ready to unlock explosive growth in the Middle East and Africa’s DCB and VAS market? This highly motivated and results-oriented business leader boasts 4+ years of experience and is eager to propel your company forward.

    What This Talent Offers:
    • Extensive Network: A deep understanding of the MEA landscape is possessed, with established connections to key industry leaders and third-party aggregators for seamless DCB implementation.
    • Content Management Expertise: Crafting engaging and cost-effective content for the MEA region is a specialty. This talent excels at bundling solutions and developing digital voucher strategies.
    • Regulatory & Marketing Savvy: Navigate the complexities of service flow, telco regulations, and marketing guidelines with confidence. Compliance is ensured while maximizing your marketing reach.
    • Financial Acumen: A data-driven approach is utilized, with proficiency in revenue forecasting, budget allocation, and campaign profitability analysis to deliver results that directly impact the bottom line.
    • Marketing Mastermind: The potential of API utilization, affiliate marketing, in-app advertising, DSPs, and Google Marketing is unlocked for unparalleled campaign success through the implementation of these strategies.
    • Strong Industry Relationships: Lasting partnerships with VAS advertising agencies are established to execute winning campaigns across all channels.
    • Contract Negotiation Guru: Commercial contracts with partners are expertly reviewed and finalized, ensuring clear communication and mutual benefit.
    • Resourceful & Adaptable: This individual is known for problem-solving skills and the ability to identify creative solutions. They thrive in dynamic environments and contribute significantly to company success.
    • Legal & Financial Expertise: Benefit from a comprehensive understanding of UAE law regarding taxation, remittance, and banking procedures.
    This highly motivated and results-oriented leader is ready to collaborate with your team and propel your company to new heights. Contact us today to discuss how this experience can significantly impact your business!

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