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Chatroom Highly Lucrative New PRS/SMS Cash Game, Partners In France, Italy, Spain Wanted

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    Jarvis ToddJarvis Todd

      I have a client that’s been providing IVR/PRS & PSMS cash prize winning games (with complete fulfilment) for over 20yrs in Germany. They‘re a market leader working with around 100 regional daily newspapers.

      They launched a new game concept in 2020, targeting senior females which generates between 26 – 42K calls per day with newspaper groups offering 180 – 900K paid circulations. A highly lucrative revenue share is built in for both the print media AND/OR long-term SP partner – that can help expand the service into France, Italy & Spain.

      Collateral Included
      • Full game concept
      • Plan for each game
      • PRS / SMS numbers if required.
      • German media partner references
      • Graphic / advertising templates
      • Ongoing consulting & support (sales & operational)
      • IVR & SMS-platform (if required)
      • Real time online stats (calls & SMS)

      NB Partner must be responsible for local compliance issues and translation

      For an immediate introduction contact:
      • DM Jarvis Todd through 8.1
      • DM Jarvis Todd through LinkedIn
      • Call +44 7711 927092

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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