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    Ler KhodaverdyLer Khodaverdy

      Twistbox is a mobile VAS advertiser with our own products and services, with 1-click, 2-click, PIN flow billing. We are looking for new B2B partnerships to expand current products to new markets, for new products for existing markets, to license new content/products/services, and for mobile traffic to buy, or on CPA.

      Key markets: Portugal, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Czech

      Verticals: Sexy, adult, dating, mainstream content portals


        Hi Ler! How are you?

        I’m Senior Account Manager at MobiPay, the mobile billing (VAS) department at Mobivate.

        Can we chat? I’m on:

        Skype – crisi.trujillo

        I feel as a mobile aggregator live in SA we could be a good fit! We’re also connected for mobile billing in Kenya and the UK, shortly Ghana. We run DCB, PSMS, Mobile Money, SDP, OBS – let’s talk about what works for you.



        Dear Ler,

        I am sure Relario Pay can help you expand your offer coverage in Tier 2 & 3 countries (we offer INSTANT access to over 400 mobile carriers)
        while also providing a simple Click2SMS or Click2Call flow for end users (no double confirmation needed here!) ūüôā

        Kindly check out

        I will be looking forward to our chat and presenting our micropayments solution!

        You can find me at moc.o1696415533irale1696415533r@m.x1696415533or1696415533

        Thank you!

        amy liamy li

          Hi everyone,

          We provide all of direct CPA mVAS offers covering WW and support daily payment to attract potential cooperation. Sounds great for you?

          “EXCLUSIVE offers with highest payouts and best CR”
          Main¬†verticals:¬†CPA¬†mvas¬† ¬†(Flow:¬†1¬†click,¬†2¬†click,¬†Pin/API¬†PIN,¬†MO,¬†Click2call,¬†IVR…)
          (Supporting S2S and API intergration. Both single link and smartlink are workable.)

          Ping me!

          Amy’s Skype: live:f006207918906af5
          Telegram: @amyli56

        Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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