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    Ler KhodaverdyLer Khodaverdy

    Twistbox is a mobile VAS advertiser with our own products and services, with 1-click, 2-click, PIN flow billing. We are looking for new B2B partnerships to expand current products to new markets, for new products for existing markets, to license new content/products/services, and for mobile traffic to buy, or on CPA.

    Key markets: Portugal, Greece, Spain, South Africa, Czech

    Verticals: Sexy, adult, dating, mainstream content portals


    Hi Ler! How are you?

    I’m Senior Account Manager at MobiPay, the mobile billing (VAS) department at Mobivate.

    Can we chat? I’m on:

    Skype – crisi.trujillo

    I feel as a mobile aggregator live in SA we could be a good fit! We’re also connected for mobile billing in Kenya and the UK, shortly Ghana. We run DCB, PSMS, Mobile Money, SDP, OBS – let’s talk about what works for you.



    Dear Ler,

    I am sure Relario Pay can help you expand your offer coverage in Tier 2 & 3 countries (we offer INSTANT access to over 400 mobile carriers)
    while also providing a simple Click2SMS or Click2Call flow for end users (no double confirmation needed here!) 🙂

    Kindly check out

    I will be looking forward to our chat and presenting our micropayments solution!

    You can find me at moc.o1660536918irale1660536918r@m.x1660536918or1660536918

    Thank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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