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Chatroom Looking for DCB or MO flow in Eastern Europe

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    Vladimir YuzvakVladimir Yuzvak

      Ladies and gentlemen,

      I represent a mobile content provider with customer acquisition driven by own media buying team.

      If your company offers direct connectivity in Eastern European countries via DCB or MO flow, drop me the relevant overview and rates:

      P.s. Wish you health during these unstable times!


        Hi Vladimir,

        Allow me firstly to provide short overview on who we are. NTH Mobile is an international company group with headquarters in Switzerland and one of the leading mobile payment aggregators. We have local offices in 20 countries in Europe (mostly South Eastern EU) and Africa. We are in mobile business since 1999. Our own complete infrastructure and working directly with mobile operators, makes us an excellent partner for rolling out mobile entertainment and corporation services via our own mobile platform.

        I’ll be free to contact you via mail to learn more about your needs and present our offerings.

        Best regards,
        Suzana Marcec
        NTH Mobile

        Jarvis ToddJarvis Todd

          Hi Vladimir – if you filter carrier billing in an Exhibition Hall search – everyone that offers this payment mechanism will come up – you can email them direct when you click through to their company page and / of individual profiles. Today you will also see the free subscribers that have this category in their profile.

          Vladimir YuzvakVladimir Yuzvak

            Thanks, Javis!

            AvatarAsad Mahmood

              i am looking SMS marketing

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