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      My name is Vlada, my colleagues and I are working in a group of companies in Europe (European content provider ADP-RB), working with such sources as: google adwords, facebook, in-app sources. We’re ready to approve any traffic sources and follow all the rules of attraction.
      Now we are looking for partners worldwide and we are interested in mobile subscriptions direction. Btw, we’re making around 250k of subscriptions per week.
      We’re working with many GEO’s and our top ones are Tier-2 (for example Greece, Egypt, UAE).

      We would like to connect our own services with 1-click, MO or PIN-submit flow, please contact me back to discuss this opportunity.

      Skype: live:.cid.83a1cfac7dde2569

      Mahbub MuctadirMahbub Muctadir

        Sent you a message in skype. lets talk when you are available.

        Prashant DesaiPrashant Desai

          Hi Mahbub,
          I have what you are looking for.
          Could you reach out to me at live:.cid.a7228b4ecd3d0853 to take the discussion forward?

        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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