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    Ciara ChenCiara Chen

    Hi Connections,

    I am looking for traffic with below specifications:

    – CPA model (Subscription base).
    – Integration through S2S/APIs.
    – Promotion for mobile Value Added Services (VAS).
    – Flexible daily CAP.
    – Flexible number of carriers per campaign.
    – Content type: Videos and Games, the application should be suitable for the type of content.
    – No misleading ads.
    – Real subscribers.
    – Net 30 payment.

    please contact me via skype: live:.cid.222297979d3da99b

    Best Regards.

    Kavish KumarKavish Kumar

    Hello Connections

    We are looking for API traffic for QA KW AE with a good budget. If you have the right traffic please connect with me SKYPE : live:.cid.25b9812c9742130d

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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