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    Josep Maria AvilaJosep Maria Avila

      Interested in Google Ads or DV360?

      The mVAS Google team will be attending the event.
      We are currently focusing on identifying key potential partners in the industry – with the aim to help them drive growth throughout Google Ads and DV360.

      We would like to meet with content providers interested in investing in high quality audiences throughout Google Ads.

      If interested, please reach out to moc.e1696152431lgoog1696152431@aliv1696152431amj1696152431

      Daniel HolcmanDaniel Holcman

        Hello. I’m Daniel Holcman, from Media digital, we are a content provider , based in latam, and now expanding in Europe, Asia and Africa. We are investing a lot on google, but for sure could you help us to make it better.
        We will attend telemedia and will be a pleasure to meet you
        My mail is moc.p1696152431uorgl1696152431atigi1696152431daide1696152431m@lei1696152431nad1696152431
        And mi WhatsApp +5491164263515
        Hope to meet you soon



        Evgenii KerbelEvgenii Kerbel

          Hello Josep,

          Im definitely interested to meet you and talk about google campaigns. Sent you and email as well.


        Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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