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Chatroom Payment issues?

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    Viktoria SolteszViktoria Soltesz

      PSP Angels is a payment consulting firm.
      We screen the payment market regularly, to give our clients an accurate picture about all the different payment processing and banking options. We find out who accepts what type of businesses and what fees are offered. We understand the requirements, risk appetite and risk, so our clients can make an informative decision about their possible options.
      We can also pre-apply on behalf of our clients with hundreds of payment providers and banks, at once.
      Our first round of search is completely free
      We have several other payment solutions, such as crypto payments, chargeback and fraud tools, cashiers, and correspondent banks, based on individual circumstances and needs.
      Our clients can enjoy lower processing fees and more suitable conditions without wasting time on the research and application!
      Within our personalized payment consulting services, we set up an overall payment plan, help to move funds between countries, reduce real banking and payment risks, re-negotiate our client’s current fees to match the lower market rates, optimize tax and cash flow, and assist with the overall payment/banking setup.
      We also specialize in payment and financial evaluations on different projects to assist investors and VCs.
      Let me know if you believe we can help you or anyone at your network.

    Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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