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Cookies launches its new esport product in a strategic partnership with Alessandro Del Piero and Palco

By 30 November 2021No Comments

Cookies Factory Group, one of the leading company in the mobile industry that operates under its brand “Cookies Digital”, is facing a new challenge starting from 2021: become a trusted long-term player in the entertaining sector, that produces and launches exclusive contents on its own for different business environment levels. Build a strong cross-device e-sports platform for video entertainment and user challenges is the main achieve which will see light during the last quarter of this year.

On this new innovative direction we have to see the announce of “Split Screen” launch, a new entertainment product developed in collaboration with Palco, a leading interactive video entertainment startup,  and Alessandro Del Piero, one of the most famous former top professional football players. Videogames are helping talented human beings in telling their stories in front of millions of fans from gaming servers to planetary success. This is why Cookies has decided, in collaboration with Palco and Alessandro Del Piero to tell these incredible stories, announcing “Split Screen”, a video webserie which just started filming and that is going to highlight the legends behind the pixels.

Talent, determination, hard training and positive attitude are mandatory skills to gain success in life or in sports: Alessandro Del Piero knows them best and managed to win 21 trophies among which a Champions League, a Club World Cup with Juventus and a World Cup with Italy in the most followed sport in the World: football. Cookies Factory will make him meet people that speak the same winning language: excellences that won world tournaments or built huge audiences but in a virtual world. The Esports champions, players at professional level, will meet the football field star during the “Split Screen” 20 episodes, each one dedicated to a different player, caster or entrepreneur of the eSports industry and will tell the story of this movement from scratch: beginning from the LAN parties held in basements to the light’s explosions in big stages. Stories of losing, struggling, training, engaging massive audiences and finally winning, narrated by one of the most important sportsmen in the world, Alessandro Del Piero.

The eSports industry has seen tremendous growth over the years, both in terms of viewership and revenue. By 2023, Newzoo predicts that the annual growth rate will be approximately 10.4%. They also expect that the number of casual viewers will grow to 351 million. And that there will be 295 million eSports enthusiasts, making the total audience 646 million.

“We are excited about this partnership.” said Valentina Tranquilli, Cookies Digital COO. “Teaming up with Alessandro Del Piero and Palco will enable us to bring fans closer to their eSports stars through exclusive news, games, interviews amongst other surprises. This partnership advocates collaboration as a mean to deliver superior value to our customers. The path taken with Alessandro Del Piero is an enormous reinforcement of the growth process of Cookies Digital, an incentive to continue to focus on always greater goals.”

Speaking about this partnership, Leone Crescenzi, Palco CEO & Founder, said: “The partnership with Cookies Digital is a great example of how communities can be engaged on a new level. We have helped Cookies Digital to create an innovative show also involving Alessandro Del Piero in the project to maximize the effectiveness of this content. Marketing is changing and catching, get and holding the audience’s attention is becoming more and more challenging. Companies that can adapt and innovate their content will stand out and thrive in the media space. Palco is able to leverage a great network of celebrities to gamify the user experience of your brand and create the best content.”

Alessandro Del Piero comments: “I’m excited about this new collaboration with Cookies Digital and Palco.In ‘Split Screen’ I decided to trade my football expertise for a deep dive in the world of competitive gaming. The brightest stars in the world of esports have joined me for some interesting conversations, full of surprises: they are players, creators, casters, coaches, game developers. We look forward to providing our audience with original, innovative and exciting content.”

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