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Direct Carrier Billing Opportunities for Merchants Amid the Pandemic from DOCOMO Digital

By 3 March 2021April 21st, 2021No Comments

The recent confrontation between a leading games publisher and leading app stores has brought the app ecosystem business and revenue models to the mainstream discourse. And it comes at a time when we are witnessing unprecedented spikes in app downloads and OTT content consumption in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

DOCOMO Digital We talked to merchants to find out why they had not embraced carrier billing and discovered many worried about cannibalization of credit card using consumer segments. In this new whitepaper, we address some of this misplaced concern. While credit cards may be a useful payment method in mature markets where cards are prevalent, DCB provides access to paying consumers, especially in the younger demographic, beyond those who use plastic.

The benefits of DCB go beyond the numbers. Merchants are better served thinking of carriers as channel partners for distribution at scale, with the returns on investment far more significant even with the apparently higher fees. Merchants gain access to the large subscriber base of the carriers and leverage the long-term relationships between users and carriers.