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2020 Event News

Discover what Mobile Arts with Evina cybersecurity solutions have achieved


As a leading technology provider, Telemedia8.1 Member, MobileArts aims to deliver the best customer experience, starting with reducing any risks regarding the customer’s subscription journey on its mobile VAS monetization platform. The company boasts a strong relationship with its partners, built on trust, that allows them to continue expanding their activity in the MVAS ecosystem.

In the years 2019-2020, throughout the MENA region and Europe, the technology provider was facing a particularly high demand from merchants for in-app traffic, coupled with an increase in fraud attempts.

MobileArts decided to implement proactive measures to thoroughly secure its in-app traffic from cybercriminals, by adding a primary cybersecurity layer that would detect and eliminate any type of technical fraud.

Download the case study to discover what Evina cybersecurity solutions are capable of together with responsible market players

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