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Dynamic Mobile Billing partners with Vendreo and extends payment suite offering


Dynamic Mobile Billing has partnered with Vendreo to extend its payment suite offering to its clients.

Telemedia 8.1 member, Dynamic Mobile Billing now offers a payment suite that consists of a range of payment options including Carrier Billing, Card processing, Google Pay, and Apple Pay and thanks to the new partnership with Vendreo – Open Banking.

Gary Corbett,  Chairman of Dynamic Mobile Billing, commented: “A PWC report is forecasting that Open Banking will be a £7.2 billion sector this year – has increased nearly 4-fold in the last few years and that growth will accelerate – that is a difficult opportunity to ignore.

We believe that Open Banking has some fantastic innovative opportunities and a global scale which our clients will now be able to take advantage of, thanks to our new partnership with Vendreo. “

The advantage that Dynamic Mobile Billings customers will see include things such as:

– Added level of security
– Overall better user experience
– Ability to pay using their preferred banking App

Dynamic Mobile Billings clients will now be able to offer a payment mechanism to their own client base that will enable them to:

– Make a payment to their bank account immediately
– Offer a fixed fee, with is substantially cheaper than card processing for payments over £10
– Generates better conversion rates due to its simplicity

Gary Corbett – Chairman of Dynamic Mobile Billing added, “Many reports forecast that Open Banking will take 30% of the card processing market but when looking at the incredible customer experience and lower costs to merchants, I am predicting that this figure will be surpassed.

Not to mention that this payment mechanic fits incredibly well with our strategy – offering customers and their end users the widest choice of payment options possible.

Russell King of Vendreo commented that, “It’s great to have Dynamic Mobile Billing on board. We can provide innovative products based on our Open Banking infrastructure. For Dynamic Mobile Billings customers – many of whom focus on delivering the highest payment conversions – the Vendreo offering is a fantastic addition to their payment portfolio and we are looking forward to working together”