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Empello adds new features for FraudScan

By 25 May 2022May 26th, 2022No Comments

Telemedia8.1 member Empello been busy.  FraudScan has been the foundation platform for Empello for over 10 years, but times change and so must platforms.

Empello were recently given a challenge by one of our customers to improve FraudScan reporting to meet their requirements, and Empello are delighted to announce the release of some new features which strengthen their market intelligence offering.

AdScanner has long been the place where Empello clients go to see what competitive campaigns are currently in their markets. Adscanner shows all Landing Pages and Banners that have een seen in the last 28 days, along with a count of how many times seen in market.

There have always been filters for the AdScanner report for Country, Network, Brand and Service Type, along with Date Ranges, and now they are added new filters to include Traffic Source and Payment Type, so you can now search for specific flows and traffic sources in AdScanner.

In addition, we have added a new graph to AdScanner to show discoveries by merchants and brands over time to give better insight to how market share has changed over time. The graph shows either the top 10 merchants, or the top 10 brands, and can also be filtered by all of the parameters above, so you can focus on your key competitive information. Don’t forget, AdScanner shows Empello discoveries based on our market monitoring rather than actual market share.

Click through from AdScanner to the new Brand Report with increased detail, now broken into both merchant and service summaries covering the last 3 months, so you can see an easy summary of every merchant in your market. Also filterable on all of the parameters.

Finally, don’t forget that AdScanner allows you to click through from the bottom right of each landing page to see all of the associated banners for that landing page, and vice versa, for each banner, you can also click through to each landing page associated with any banner.

Many of you will have already noticed the release of Video Payment Tests on FraudScan  released back in January.

If you have any ideas or improvements that you want to make on Empello platforms, don’t hesitate to reach out to Louise or Omar to discuss.

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