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Evolution of the Alternative Payment Methods Landscape from DOCOMO


The digital payment landscape is ever-changing. And it’s not just because of the tech that’s continually evolving. 2020 has changed so much about the way we live and work – including our shopping and payment preferences and habits. And that shift is only going to continue.

One particular surge we’re seeing as a result is in mobile payments. With the proliferation of smartphones, there are now over a billion mobile money accounts globally, contributing $2.5 trillion or 37% to the total digital payments value in 2021. This number is expected to grow by 90% by 2025 to $4.6 trillion.

So, what’s next for mobile payments?

Download this research-based whitepaper from DOCOMO Digital to learn about:

  • The themes shaping the current payments landscape
  • New types of e-wallets, including superapps
  • The growth factors and impediments to mobile payment adoption
  • Future trends in mobile payments across markets, with additional case studies