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Four key insights to kickstart your 2024 DCB business from EVINA

By 15 January 2024March 14th, 2024No Comments

To get 2024 off to a flying start, Evina has pooled the wisdom of its many experts to share with you four key insights that it thinks will be key to your strategy and approach to direct carrier billing (DCB) this year.

1. Combatting AI-enhanced cyber threats

The AI and bot surge in 2023 has drastically changed the cyber landscape. With cybercriminals leveraging advanced Large Language Models (LLMs), such as ChatGPT, the risk of sophisticated fraud has intensified. Evina foresees a critical need for proactive defence mechanisms in 2024 to safeguard against these emerging threats.

2. DCB and physical goods: this time it’s for real

2024 marks a turning point in the use of DCB for the purchase of physical goods. The surge in mail-order subscriptions and mobile payments in public spaces is not just a trend but a strong growth driver, pushing DCB to new frontiers as seen in pioneering countries like Japan.

3. Addressing inflation and subscription fatigue with bundling and DCB transactions

Consumers are increasingly looking for value and control when managing their digital services, especially in the face of inflation and subscription fatigue. When secured, DCB emerges as the most powerful solution to meet these needs, offering the simplest and most trusted subscription management and flexible purchasing options. And it is set to be a boon for MNOs.

4. Middle East & Africa: DCB growth boosted by innovation and security

Carrier billing is on the rise globally, but certain regions are leading the way. Evina’s own 2023 DCB Index identifies hotspots for growth and innovation in the Middle East and Africa, with countries like Morocco and South Africa at the forefront of security and innovation efforts.

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