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2020 Event News

Gear Up – Direct Carrier Billing Trends, Data, Developments & Challenges


A Quick peek at the session from Principal Analyst Elson Sutanto of Juniper Research as he looks at Direct Carrier Billing, Trends, Data, Developments & Challenges.

LOGIN TO ACCESS the full session from this reputed Data Analysts based on the noted White Paper and available below.

This session explores the DCB market currently: its gives an analysis of leading players by transaction value, explores DCB availability by selected storefront, comments on the impact of COVID-19 on the DCB market and evaluates DCB Drivers. These include monetising underbanked, young demographic, small spending users, etc Finally the session looks at Total spend over direct carrier billing over 2020 to 2025.

– Carrier Billed Content, Platform Market Share (US$bn)
– Storefront Deployments
– Impact of Covid-19
– Carrier Billing Drivers
– Lowering the Cost of Customer Aquisition
– Total End User Spend of DCB (US$bn) 2020-2025