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2020 Event News

Go4Mobility has launched in Qatar!  


As part of the continued expansion of Value Added Services (VAS) offering, Go4Mobility is pleased to announce a new market: Qatar.

It comes as part of Go4Mobility’s goal of improving its customers presence in the Middle East.

As one of the most innovative regions, Qatar registers very high Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) conversion rates and some of the best results in the payments area.

Qatari citizens are among the top Internet users in the Middle East and have already embraced Over-The-Top (OTT) services.

Some of Qatar’s Communications Key Facts:

  • Qatar presents one of the highest mobile penetration rates in the Middle East
  • Operators deployed 5G across the country with positive subscribership, primarily around Doha
  • Qatar is the largest user of the Internet in the Middle East
  • Mobile subscribership is nearly 132 mobile phones per 100 persons in a population of 2.9 million
  • Qatar prepares to host the World Cup 2022

Qatar is a telecoms leader in the Middle East

Qatar is considered one of the regional leaders in terms of its telecom maturity, having high ARPU and one of the highest fixed and mobile penetrations in the Middle East region. Qatar has also become one of the more progressive countries globally in terms of its progress towards 5G.

Go4Mobility has all the right resources to make Direct Carrier Billing accessible to all content creators, regardless of distance and region.

Via API integration, and in association with major local carriers, Go4Mobility deliver a reliable Direct Carrier Billing solution to a market with millions of users, generating revenue opportunities for its customers

Full access to all Go4Mobility markets is guaranteed by a single API integration.

Go4Mobility Support

Commercial and technical teams are ready to assist all his costumers with monetizing your digital content in Qatar.

Operating in the digital payments market, Go4Mobility is committed to driving sustained growth within the mobile payments market for online sellers and merchants, developing an increasingly convenient and secure experience for consumers.

If you are looking for more information on Qatar and its opportunities and standards, or are interested in knowing more about Go4Mobility ‘s worldwide solutions and payments services:

Find the team at Telemedia8.1