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2020 Event News

Go4Mobility launches in Egypt!


With Value-Added Services (VAS) offer continually expanding, Go4Mobility is pleased to announce a new market: Egypt.

Currently, nearing 103+ million people, Egypt is the most populous country in the Arab World and the third most populous on the African continent, presenting perfect conditions for the implementation of Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) solutions.

Egypt’s Digital Commerce Facts:

– Egypt is one of the countries with the fastest-growing number of smartphone users with double-digit annual growth

– Less than 2% of Egyptians own a credit card to pay for premium digital content, allowing great opportunities for the DCB solution with the unbanked users. Solutions like DCB can help digital merchants to collect revenue from most of their users in the country

– Egypt is one of the three most favorable countries for DCB growth in the MEA region, according to Evina, our partners, and cybersecurity experts. The study encompasses Fraud Protection, Mobile Payments Innovation, DCB Penetration levels, and DCB Growth Potential

– The Egyptian mobile commerce market is to witness significant growth by 2029

– A large market that presents an average daily mobile subscribership between 2000 and 5000

– Egypt’s e-commerce represents 80% of the market in the MEA region.

Egypt is a Breeding Ground for DCB

Digital commerce will continue to grow in Egypt as more retailers go online, thanks to increased venture capital interest, economic growth prospects, and a government determined to shore up revenues by including more informal businesses.

Egyptian e-commerce is expected to grow at least 30% this year, with younger users and increasing incomes from Egypt’s expanding middle class driving growth.

Take Advantage of DCB in Egypt and Monetize Your Content

Go4Mobility has all the resources ready to make DCB accessible to all content providers, regardless of distance and region.

Full access to all Go4Mobility markets is guaranteed by a single API integration.

Due API integration, and in association with major local carriers, Go4Mobility deliver a reliable DCB solution to a market with millions of users, generating endless revenue opportunities for clients.

The global e-commerce market is expected to reach $5.5 trillion this year. If you are looking to increase your global revenue it is important to understand the challenges and complexities of borderless selling. Given that e-commerce represents 80% of the market and since only 2% of Egyptians have a credit card, DCB is a unique business opportunity.

Go4Mobility Support

Commercial and technical teams are ready to assist all his costumers with monetizing your digital content in Egypt.

Operating in the digital payments market, Go4Mobility is committed to driving sustained growth within the mobile payments market for online sellers and merchants, developing an increasingly convenient and secure experience for consumers.

If you are looking for more information on Egypt and its opportunities and standards, or are interested in knowing more about Go4Mobility ‘s worldwide solutions and payments services:

Find the team at Telemedia8.1