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How to Enter the SMS Wholesale Industry

By 16 February 2021No Comments

A complete informative guide with all you need to know in advance, concerning the business development of the SMS wholesale market.

What is it?
If you have thoughts of entering the Wholesale SMS industry, this 50 page guide is the complete informative paper you need.
The paper provides all you need to know in advance concerning the business development of the industry.
It will help you to have a look of the SMS Wholesale market insight and will help you to evaluate the opportunity and make your decision.

Why read it? What’s inside?
The guide gives and overview concerning the SMS wholesale. Shares the secrets of the SMS wholesale market, the services provided, the average profit per service etc. Defines the difference between the professionals needed to be involved, and describes the roles of the personnel required. Analyses the major Wholesale messaging platforms and gives valuable tips for consideration.

What’s inside? 

  1. The Personnel Required
  2. The Platform Required
  3. Other Tools & Commercial models
  4. The Wholesale SMS insights
  5. The kinds of services provided
  6. Average gross profit per Service
  7. The challenges for aggregation among providers
  8. The Interconnections required and how to find them
  9. The OTT Services
  10. The Marketing Required
  11. The Training Needs

Who needs to read it?

  • The guide is a valuable tool for companies willing to enter wholesale SMS such as:
  • Voice providers
  • Telcos
  • Enterprise Messaging Agencies
  • I.T. companies

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