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2020 Event News

In the Spotlight – EVINA


Who will I meet at Telemedia8.1?  Today the spotlight is on EVINA

Evina offers the most advanced cybersecurity solution for payments and advertising. Highly efficient and audacious MNOs, merchants, ad networks and payment gateways all over the world use Evina to fend off fraud and conquer new markets.

Evina’s suite increases revenues by dealing with fraud the right way in more than 60 countries and with over a dozen of millions of transactions daily.

With the protection of Evina, major players the world over have eliminated fraud and been able to grow their business by:

  • Unlocking more efficient payment flows
  • Accessing more profitable traffic sources
  • Enabling precious partnerships.

Filter and find them under the following categories:
Business: Payments, Support Services, Technology
Services: Carrier Billing, Cyber Security, Fraud, Mobile, Security
Markets: Banking, Education, Entertainment, Finance, Gambling, Games, Interactive, Leisure, Sports, Ticketing

Our dynamic 8.1 community offers a zero-cost entry point for users, enabling you to search and contact fellow users whilst offering unlimited access to an extensive on-demand conference program.

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