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2020 Event News

Increase Revenues for DCB / VAS Services

By 10 November 2020No Comments

The way that consumers interact with digital entertainment services (VAS) has shifted substantially with Covid-19. So throw out your 2019 data and start adapting to changes in demand and patterns of behaviour as more consumers than ever seek out digital substitutes to their real life interests!

Don’t miss this latest “on demand” conference session, where digital content specialist Julia Dimambro at Seriously Fresh Media extracts words of wisdom from her expert panel; Anthony Baladi of Fonix Mobile and Leon Dijksman Sam Media. These leaders in VAS payments, content and marketing discuss what they’re learning from new market data and how this can translate into successful pandemic strategies:

  • New content opportunities
  • Data – adapting to flattening peaks
  • Extending engagement for rights holders
  • Optimising conversation & retention
  • Subscription, billing models & flows