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Interested in a career in International Career in Telecommunications?

By 16 January 2023March 14th, 2024No Comments

ISBM: International Career in Telecommunications with a 6-month training, remote access internship, and job opportunities.

The Induction to SMS and Business Messaging Industry (I.S.B.M.) consists of a first-time and innovative training program, with a duration of 12 months, that grants the opportunity to develop and attain an international career in the Telecommunication Industry. All of this is done, remotely.

The program has been formed and announced by Mr. Andreas Constantinides, Head of MoreThan160 and Principal of the International Academy for Telecommunication Studies; being the first and one of its kind and is publicly known as “Business Messaging Academy’’. The program is divided into two, 6-month semesters. The first semester will consist of theoretical training in the Business Messaging market (such as SMS, Viber, WhatsApp, OTT Messengers, Wholesale, Enterprise, and Platforms, etc.), whereas the second semester will consist of paid internship in which the trainees will conclude their practical training as potential employees in global and esteemed Telecommunication providers. The purpose of the program is the enticement and the formation of new Professionals in the area of Business Messaging, which, per se, has a tremendous and promising development on an international scale.

Mr. Constantinides has given us the following statement: “Up until 2026, the Telecommunication, Technology, and Health Industries are expected to form 12 million new jobs; 1/3 being within the area of Telecommunications. The universal need for new personnel is already established and increasing by the day, making the available tools for remote access extremely helpful, as to train and recruit new professionals from all around the globe. ISBM is an unprecedented, exclusive, and extensive training program for achieving professional expertise and recruitment. More than 20 Providers and Technology Companies are participating from Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Africa. The program commencing on the 1st of March 2023, will be engaged by internationally renowned Executives that aim to illustrate and transfer their exclusive knowledge to new professionals. I am deeply proud of this significant project that we have invested all our efforts since a year ago. The Academy, apart from offering theoretical training, has achieved to guarantee the 6-month paid internship for its trainees, in Providers from all around the world. The internship will have the features of actual working conditions (eight-hour daily work, remuneration, evaluation, etc.) with a culminating aim, the immediate recruitment of the trainees in the same Providers, provided the conclusion of their internship.”

The program will be demonstrated in a 60-minute detailed presentation which will take place the following Wednesday, 18th of January 2023, at 14:00 Central European Time (CET). Participation in the presentation is entirely free. Nevertheless, due to limited “seats”, pre-registration is required.

For further information, check the program’s website at the following address: