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2020 Event News

Machines Detecting Humans in Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) Consumer Journeys


Through MCP Shield, the Fraud Detection and Blocking solution from MCP Insight, they can map user interactions against physical human activity making it simple to detect a human versus a bot in Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) consumer journeys. MCP Insight report that they continue to see large numbers of DCB opt-ins where there is no user interaction on ‘the page to be protected.’ Some fraud systems used by Mobile Operators and Aggregators are NOT trying to detect user interactions.

By using deep Machine Learning techniques, Shield programmatically reviews the clusters of user interactions or events as demonstrated by the heat-map below. Shield maps these user interactions against physical human activity (e.g., push-up screen, push-down screen). This way, it is now easy to determine if the interactions on the screen are, in fact, human.

Meet the MCP Insight team at T8.1