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DOCOMO: Making the Case for Direct Carrier Billing

By 3 March 2021April 21st, 2021No Comments

A recent Mobile World Live survey, sponsored by DOCOMO Digital, found that as merchants embrace new forms of digital content and new platforms emerge, operators are keen to establish their role as payments providers. They understand the digital ecosystem is going to evolve with or without them, and direct carrier billing (DCB) ensures that they have a strong partnership role in that ecosystem.

Nearly half have launched DCB or plan to in 2021, with a similar percentage considering working with a specialist to help manage payment reconciliation. More than a third look for merchants to invest in comarketing efforts and bundles for all or most campaigns.

The attraction for operators’ merchant partners is clear: increased speed and convenience of collecting payment via DCB. For operators, they are looking for new growth streams, with nearly half ranking it as the number one benefit.