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2020 Event News

MCP Shield Enhancements – AI Engine Development


Great to hear from Telemedia8.1 exhibitor MCP Insight who have annouced the launch of the latest enhancements to their real-time fraud detection and blocking product MCP Shield. They have moved to the third stage of Machine Learning implementation.

By improving Device Class identification and patterns of peak analysis along with various other enhancements, their unique Shield AI Engine now allows us to automatically detect new fraud behaviour in real-time and block.

While Stage 1 and 2 saw the development of the alert/alarm model for outliers, the latest enhancements use reinforced learning mechanisms to enable the main rules engine to be updated instantly with new behaviour. This means new forms of fraudulent activity can be quickly identified and blocked, removing the need for human intervention.

Initially developed for Vodafone Idea in India over the last two years, MCP Shield can help your business target advertising fraud. Get in touch to find out more. 

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