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MediaXO: Quality and quantity

Creating an all-encompassing mVAS model that can build quality and quantity seems like a marketer’s dream, but as Paul Skeldon discovers, MediaXO is doing just that.

What successful mVAS business wouldn’t want to build its own spider web of marketing, content and traffic?

But making it happen is surprisingly challenging until you change your mindset.

Nir Weissman, business development director at MediaXO – a global company which brings together affiliates, media buyers, networks and website/app owners, believes the industry needs to find a better way to connect all these pieces and allow business to generate quality and quantity.

“Right now, the idea is to build a company that will be kind of an umbrella, or like a spider web, that connects everybody in the industry.” he says. “We want to give added value to all our partners, not only with content, but also with quality traffic.

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