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MEF: Combatting Fraud in Mobile Content


Where there are digital transactions, there is the risk of fraud. Mobile content is no exception. Unscrupulous individuals and criminal networks use ever-evolving methods to defraud customers, mobile content providers, payment aggregators and MNOs.

It’s a mature and complex ecosystem with fraud happening at multiple layers. Some attackers target the advertising space – using technical methods to win pay outs for bogus clicks. Others target the payment channel itself and with many mobile content providers using direct carrier billing (DCB) as this hits mobile networks and their partners especially hard and the erosion of trust affects all stakeholders.

In this ongoing fight, it is essential that the entire ecosystem works together to combat fraud. All stakeholders must be aware of the fraud types, and their differing impacts. Aligning on best practice limits the risk and helps everyone to stay ahead of the fraudsters.

This whitepaper was developed by MEF’s DCB Fraud Working Group which brings together representatives from every part of the mobile content value chain to help better educate the market.

The guide is a useful tool to help promote positive, proactive and measured anti-fraud action by MNOs and regulators in order to protect the consumer experience without hindering honest stakeholders.

At a glance

  • The ecosystem, typical payment flows and the impact of fraud on the ecosystem
  • The technical and socially engineered fraud types that target mobile content advertising and the DCB payment channel
  • Best practice recommendations across technical, commercial and regulatory solutions to combat fraud
  • A series of MNO case studies demonstrating the impact of implementing anti-fraud measures
  • Plus comprehensive technical fraud guide


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