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MEF: Mobile Content Market Report 2021


Mobile Content is a large market that is often not truly appreciated in its size and variety. It is a market valued at $120 billion – more than the global cinema box office and music industry combined.

Available to download now MEF’s Mobile Content Market Report collects some of the major data point to fuel discussion on a market that should be attracting more attention.

If you would like to know where users buy mobile content, how the pay for it, where they are geographically – this report provides revenue data:

  • Global Mobile Content Revenue
  • Market Comparisons
  • Content service types
  • Service Activation Point
  • Payments channels
  • Regional Trends

Based on in-depth research into the views and behaviours of 6,500 smartphone users across 10 countries around the world, this report provides detailed insight and analysis into the current usage and attitudes towards Mobile content and services.

Some of the findings from the Mobile Content Market 2021:

MOBILE CONTENT IS BIG: – in context content is one third of the huge smartphone device sales, but Mobile Content was 3 times larger than Recorded Music and Cinema

COVID-19 IMPACT A BOOST – 24% year on year increase in content revenue partly boosted by popularity of online content at home during
lock-down. Mobile is becoming a main payment mechanism for multiscreen services.

IT IS A GAMES WORLD – Mobile content revenue is dominated by mobile games (69%). In 2020the weight of mobile games increased by 1 p.p.

APP STORES DOMINATE – Apple’s App Stores has grown considerably and thanks to its dominance in rich markets (Japan, USA, Europe) it accounts for the widest part of the market. Surpassing for monetization the more popular Google Play shop.

CREDIT CARD IN VALUE AND BUNDLING GROWTH – while not universal credit card payments are fueling the largest amount of payment value. Of notice, it the strong growth of operator bundling of content.

GEOGRAPHIC – limited changes in geographic distribution: Latin America weaker (in dollars terms). Asia keeps on growing fast

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