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2020 Event News

mGage and Oxfam launch world-first RCS mobile payment campaign


If you hadn’t already guessed it, RCS is THE red-hot messaging tech for the telemedia / VAS sector. For the past few years forecasts of huge revenue potential have been largely speculative, but now, in 2021 things are about to change. The recent case study / press release from mGage provides tangible evidence that RCS is here to stay and a genuinely exciting opportunity for us all.   

Perhaps not that surprising to see a charity being an early adopter – because of course that make perfect sense. Putting ”the current climate” aside for one moment, this important vertical has long been an exponent of the magic that occurs when you combine mobilemessaging, carrierbilling, PSMS to a donation / pay now proposition aka – mCommerce for a premium or value-added service.  

So many congratulations to mGage for “turbo charging” RCS and being the first to integrate commerce (payments) into this rich content messaging channel. Because as this story clearly demonstrates – if our industry gets this right, not only will the brands “come knocking” but millions and millions of their customers are going to LOVE it!