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2020 Event News

Mobile Games: BBC Studios & Reality Gaming Group Invite You To The $100bn Digital Collectibles Market


So, when Tony Pearce opens with “blockchain gaming is the most exciting platform I’ve come across since starting in games 25 years ago” you sit up and take notice right?  Look out for the open invitation to operators and payment gateways to offer carrier billing and other mobile payments as part of the current suite of options at check out. 

Do not miss the latest bite-size panel session on the Telemedia8.1 platform – the “virtual mCommerce event” for those of us that hate “virtual events”! 


Featuring speakers:
John Kavanagh, Licensing Manager Games & Digital Entertainment, BBC Studios
Tony Pearce, Co-Founder, Reality Gaming Group

Tony gives the clearest explanation as to how tokenisation linked to the blockchain gives the user genuine value for money when spending real money on games (digital goods) and so now I’m hooked. It is actually quite simple – think “in game / digital collectibles”, where blockchain tech underwrites ownership and therefore creating genuine digital value – I’ve seen the future!

But here’s the “Field of Dreams” bit; when you create genuine value for money the brands will come, and they don’t come much bigger the Dr Who – who are now “hook-line” and massive fan-base into the idea of commercialising their collateral into VAS / mobile games – which, is of course where the eyeballs are.

This partnership has created a mobile game / card / collectables concept that’s set to take things to the next level – by truly mobilising a huge brand along with its adoring consumer base. The cards are beautiful original pieces, super cool and just look great. The game works on multiple levels and it’s absolutely perfect for high tech on the move mobile Dr-loving-dalek-trekkers!


The game launches formally in the New Year, with the pre-sale phase getting underway very soon. The concluding remarks send out a very clear invitation to the Telemedia8.1 community to start talking about where mobile payments should be worked into the early promotional phases of this global adventure.

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any more interesting – if you’re a carrier and / or payment gateway with a ready-made subscriber-base – well there might just be some very exciting partnership opportunities to offer unique cards / packs to your own mobile games-hungry customers!

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