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New instant payment option for Parking Sessions and Penalty Charge Notices in UK


In an industry-first collaboration, Conduent Transportation has partnered with Debit My Mobile’s (DMM) mobile payment service. Using this direct carrier billing (DCB) based technology, Conduent’s clients can now enjoy a service not used anywhere else in the UK for parking payments. Drivers will be able to pay for parking sessions and penalty charge notices (PCNs) instantly, without the need for anything other than a mobile phone with SMS text message (2G) capability. This will give drivers the option of fast, frictionless payments without the need for a bank account, credit card, or sharing personal data.

The use of cutting-edge digital technology is set to bring major benefits to customers in the parking sector. Many businesses and sectors have already made inroads into the digital space, whether that be through marketing, payments, or engagement, but what we are seeing now is a revolution to meet demand due to significant changes in consumer behaviour. According to Verified Market Research, The mobile payment market is projected to grow from USD 1.97 trillion in 2021 to USD 11.83 trillion in 2028 at a CAGR of 29.1% in 2021 to 2028.

“We are delighted to be working with Conduent Transportation to implement mobile billing within local authorities. We see Conduent as an ideal partner given their position in providing payment and transport infrastructure and services to both central and local government clients,” said Gary Corbett, Director, Debit My Mobile.

Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)

The pandemic has seen the use of payments made directly to a mobile phone bill, DCB, become more prominent. Exemplified by major brands such as BT Sport and Netflix, which are recognising the value of utilising a low-friction payment mechanism in an online environment, completely synchronised to the micro-payments space.

Direct Carrier Billing is not a new approach. In fact, the first transaction took place in 1997, when Coca Cola released vending machines that allowed customers to purchase their beverage using an SMS message.

A mobile phone bill payment solution has been used before in the parking industry, but it proved to be clunky and not user-friendly. It also succumbed to the EU’s Payment Services Directive regulations, until 2018, when the exemption for ticketing (parking) came into force, thus re-opening the parking market to mobile payments. In recent years parking app providers have become dominant, and payments to a mobile phone bill became a distant memory.

Following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), customers are increasingly more aware than ever of their rights, the value of their personal data, and how important it is to keep it safe from cyber-criminals. This has, in turn, prompted a renewed interest in mobile payments for the parking sector. Since only a mobile phone number is required to make a payment, charging to a mobile phone bill becomes an attractive option for both customers and service providers.

Mobile Payments in Parking

With cash in decline, local authorities looking to reduce the number of Pay & Display machines, and customers becoming more reluctant to hand over their personal details, there is an increase in demand for cashless payments that are both convenient and low friction.

Conduent can now offer a flexible payment solution that can sit alongside existing payment methods, giving customers added choice and a convenient alternative. Mobile payments offer cashless and touchless payments without a bank account, charged directly to a mobile phone bill, or deducted from pay-as-you-go credit.

This payment flexibility can be found across many sectors and there has never been a better time to deliver this option to the parking industry.

How The Solution Works

Customers are presented with a QR code and mobile number printed directly on the PCN, allowing them to charge the PCN fine directly to their phone bill or deduct the payment directly from their pay-as-you-go credit. It can be used by those wishing to pay immediately or within the first 14 days. The solution can also support cashless parking payments. Providing an additional payment option for motorists to pay their PCN quickly and conveniently, on the spot, means that they are less likely to forget to pay the PCN and incur larger fines

“Our clients are interested in improving their customers’ experience with innovative solutions that are more convenient and easier to use. We’re looking forward to working with Debit My Mobile to launch this exciting new service this year and expanding the partnership to introduce new pioneering solutions in the future,” added, Chris Newman, UK Regional Director, Conduent Transportation.

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