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2020 Event News

New Media Services announce sponsorship

By 25 March 2020July 15th, 2020No Comments

Despite the current global shut down, leaders in digital monetisation continue to provide essential value-added services and premium billable content to consumers around the world.

For now, it’s our media services that are uniting the industry around our regular features, information and news output, but rest assure, World Telemedia is coming and sponsors continue to commit to the next event in Marbella on the 13th – 16thOctober.

So today we’re absolutely delighted to welcome another new brand to the WT family – the mighty New Media Services.

If you’re not familiar with this leading business management provider you should be, because how does an affordable and reliable solution for any of your business needs sound? Incredible?! Well then you should check out this Australian based shared services and outsourcing company and now our latest WT20 Silver sponsor!

The great thing about NMS is that they’re not just a simple supplier of services, they nurture lasting partnerships and relationships with their clients for long-term success. Essentially, they work in the background so you can excel at the “frontline”.

So, what do they offer? Well, NMS specialise in a variety of services:

  • Multilingual Customer Outreach, Support & Engagement
  • Content Moderation
  • Virtual Workforce
  • Design & Development
  • Ad Compliance Services
  • Video Production & Editing

Its services are tailor-made and flexible to suit any business. Flexibility allows their services to truly align with your own core values and specific targets, ensuring that they can better accommodate the needs of their clients. They also operate 24/7, so they’re with you every step of the way.

New Media Services is confident of their mission statement of ‘We Achieve the Impossible Together’ as their founder, executives, managers and employees all work side by side to deliver top services and achieve goals.

“Being hands-on and open has always been the best way for us to show our clients that focus, and dedication is never an issue. We strive to understand the ins and outs of each client’s operations to ensure we are the BEST partner,” says Solutions Director, Anastasiia Bilous, who will also be one of our lead speakers in WT20’s  Mobile Dating Summit on Friday 16th. She goes on to say: “Our 13 years’ experience in the industry has resulted in the highest quality services for our clients, at an affordable rate of course. Their success and growth is our number one priority!”

So why did NMS feel confident to commit to World Telemedia 2020 given the current climate?


If the show can’t go ahead [in October], we will still run the published 3-day conference schedule as live webinars. A virtual meeting system will also run alongside, creating a virtual industry networking event for all registered participants. NB this will not be a replacement for the show itself and so all event passes, and promotional contracts will still be valid for the eventual date (TBC) in either November or April 21.


If for any reason an attendee, exhibitor or sponsor does not wish to take part on the alternative dates and they do not wish to simply credit or transfer to the next show in October 2021, we will of course offer a full refund with no absolutely cancellation terms or penalties.


All exhibitors and sponsors enjoy huge pre-show marketing and branding benefits as part of their package. These benefits will continue to be available right up until the show itself. So, in the event of a postponement, our clients will simply gain even more exposure than they would have in a “normal” annual show cycle.

To learn more about New Media Services and how we can help your business grow, you can head to its website or get in contact with Solutions Director, Anastasiia Bilous, at

Anastasiia will also be speaking at the Telemedia Conference, so keep your eye out on social media to see when and where she will be speaking!

Get the NMS advantage through our Global Corporate Outsourcing and Custom Business Solutions.