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Sam Media’s Holozonia shortlisted for a GLOMO Award

By 8 February 2023March 14th, 2024No Comments

A big well done to the Sam Media Team!  We were delighted to hear of Sam Media’s Holozonia being short listed for a GLOMO (Global Mobile Award).

Catch up with the team on Monday 27th at 8.1LIVE Barcelona on the VIP Terrace in advance of the awards on the 28th where we’ll also be treated to a demo of this innovative immersive content.

The shortlist for the prestigious 2023 GLOMOS (Global Mobile Awards) was revealed, honouring cutting-edge innovation and initiatives in the mobile industry creating real impact for society. Sam Media’s latest product, Holozonia, made it to the shortlist in the brand-new category Best Mobile Innovation for Web3.

The GLOMOS are always evolving with new awards added regularly to acknowledge achievement in emerging areas of the industry and reflect the latest technology trends. Other categories making their debuts this year include: Best Mobile Innovation for Cities and Best Cloud Solution.

Immersive content in a new virtual world

Sam Media expanded it’s next-generation product line-up last year, with the launch of Holozonia during World Telemedia 2022. The Amsterdam based company has a strong focus on immersive content and launched several VR and AR services in the past years. Holozonia is the first service that offers a wide range of VR and AR content in one place. One subscription will enable consumers to enjoy premium VR Streaming, AR games, spatial music, 360 fitness, and education in 3D, VR, and AR. All of this is offered in one metaverse and can be accessed from a smartphone’s browser anywhere and anytime.

Best Mobile Innovation for Web3

We are on the cusp of Web3, and its global market size is already expected to reach 81.5 billion USD in 2030. The shortlist for a GLOMO in the category Best Mobile Innovation for Web3 showcases the very best and most early innovative services that allow people to experience Web3.

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