Mobile Insight Analyst
Emilie Clauss
International Business Development Manager
founder & Co Owner
Services: Carrier Billing, Credit Card, Crytpo Currency, E-Money, Messaging, Paywalls, PRS, PSMS, Vouchers, Wallets
Markets: Charities, Education, Entertainment, Games, Interactive, Sports, TV
Duration: 31 mins

Throughout 2020 more consumers than ever have been downloading apps and subscribing to premium digital content and value-added/streaming services. Across the board, DCB and other mobile payment solutions clearly appeal to consumers, but pockets of resistance from merchants and operators continue to threaten sustained growth. So what are we going to do about it?

  • Payment solutions, applications & business models that are “nailing it”
  • How can we overcome merchant and operator resistance?
  • Is linking mobile authentication to direct banking the next big thing?