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Sales Director
Services: Compliance, E-Money, Mobile, Paywalls, Wallets
Business Types: Billing, Payments, Technology
Duration: 25 mins

Join Dawn, Sales Director at Nuapay (an EML Payments company), a veteran in the payments sector explaining why bank-based instant and recurring payments are growing exponentially in the U.K. and Europe and, why your business can mitigate the risk of chargebacks, speed up access to cashflow and reduce costs with Open Banking. 

  • How does Open Banking work?
  • Who’s going to benefit?
  • Should MNOs be worried?
  • Reduce fraud, reduce cost, maintain an awesome payment UX
  • Recurring and Instant payments
  • Market overview – growth / penetration

Dawn Beeby, Sales Director, NUAPAY (an EML Payments Company)