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Services: Messaging
Duration: 31 mins

How does it feel to be a career woman among thousands of career men? When it comes to remote work, how easy is it for a “woman in Telco” to adjust her business and personal life? Especially during the pandemic, when women in particular faced significant challenges to find this balance.

In this panel, five influential Telco professionals will discuss these issues and reveal how they manage the difficulties of remote access work in the demanding environment of the Business Messaging Industry during numerous stages of lockdown.

Moderator: Nassia Skoulikariti, GTC
Cristina Rotaru, Business Development Manager, Yuboto
Mila Budylo, CCO, BSG
Florence Sebastien, Founder, FSE Consultant
Milica Gruden, Commercial Director International Sales A2P Messaging, Identidad
Sabina Majeric, CCO, Horisen
Scarlett Woodford, Principal Analyst, Juniper Research