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Services: Messaging
Business Types: Messaging
Duration: 43 mins

In this panel, we will have insights into Business Messaging exclusively from the Enterprise point of view! What are the essential requirements for brands? Which are their challenges and how the services provided can be optimized? What are the big changes that occurred to business messaging during the pandemic, and why does SMS remain the king of business messaging? Jason Bryan, CEO of Rocco Research, will share with us, all the findings of Rocco Research based on Enterprise feedback with international brands, concluded in June 2022.

Andreas Constantinides, Head, MoreThan160 Ltd
Jason Bryan, CEO, Rocco Research
Mila Budylo, CCO, BSG
Aneesh Chawla, CEO, Technovate
Sabina Majeric, Chief Commercial Officer, HORISEN
James Williams, Director of Programmes, Mobile Ecosystem Forum