Paul Skeldon
Services: Carrier Billing, Compliance, Content, Messaging, Regulation, VAS
Duration: 30 mins

This week Paul “Hawaii 5-0” and Jarvis “Base Tan” Todd take a look the money MNOs can make from RCS, the continuing rise of DCB, how instant payments are booming and why the UK is to fold the PRS regulator PSA into Ofcom.

Stories coveredin this episode:

RCS evolving into a key marketing channel
RCS messaging is expected to account for a growing proportion of global mobile operator revenue and become a vital channel for advertisers as they seek to enhance direct-to-consumer interactions and grow their first-party databases.

DCB spend growing – could hit ¢74bn by 2026
The value of end-user spend on digital goods using direct carrier billing (DCB) will exceed $74bn by 2026; up from $54bn in 2022. This growth of more than 37% reflects the increasing relevance of carrier billing as an option for digital commerce spend. Direct carrier billing involves users charging payments for digital and physical goods to their mobile phone bill.

Instant payments market to reach 126 billion by 2032

UK PRS regulator to close
We’ve come a long long way in PRS, and things are so ‘clean’ that PSA is to fold into Ofcom

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